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Happy New Year everyone! We thank you for your patronage over the past year and wish you all much happiness and success in 2020. We have very exciting news that we would like to share. We have purchased a new building to operate out of and are looking to be moved in by the spring once renovations are complete! Our new location is less than 5 minutes away from our current location and you will be pleased to hear that you will be able to make left hand turns out of the parking lot!

In February we will see the return of Drs. Allison Doherty and Brittany Scace back to the practice full-time. Although they aren't excited about the cold weather, they are looking forward to seeing everyone and their animals!

On your next invoice you may notice a small increase in the mobile fee we charge. Due to the increased costs of getting ourselves to your farms, we needed to make this change.

We will once again be celebrating animal dental health month by offering no mobile fee on all dentistry appointments using the powerfloat for the month of February. For more information about this or to book an appointment, please call the office at 905-982-1243. Because we are a little late getting the info about this out to you, we are extending dental month until Friday March 6, 2020.

We are offering our Equine Wellness Plans again this year! The choices include our standard package with optional add-ons that covers the vaccination and dentistry needs of companion and show horses alike. We also have two other plans, an Equine Geriatric Wellness Plan and an Equine Neonatal Wellness Plan. In the coming weeks we will be sending out more information about these programs via email, and will post everything on our Facebook page and website.

Speaking of vaccinations, we experienced a higher than normal rate of reactions in horses in 2019. This prompted us to begin to purchase our vaccines from a different company. They report very low rates of reactions and so far we have been very happy with their vaccine line. If you have any questions or concerns about vaccinating your horse(s) please do not hesitate to speak with one of the veterinarians.

Amongst the usual conditions we tend to see more of in the fall/winter (colic and choke in horses, pneumonia in ruminants) we have also been treating a lot of scouring calves and horses with "fat legs," particularly cellulitis. There have been enough of these cases lately that we thought we should cover these topics in this newsletter.

Check out our latest Newsletter for January 2020! Click Here to view the Newsletter. OR Click here to download a PDF version.
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