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Every year over the summer months we host final year veterinary students as part of their externship program. This year we hosted D'Arcy, Zenya, Tori, and Kathryn. We truly appreciate your contribution to their education by offering them words of wisdom and also for allowing them to observe us working with your animals and practice their clinical skills while at your farms. We hope they had a wonderful summer!

For those of you with horses enrolled in our Equine Wellness Plan, if you haven't brought in your second summer fecal egg count, please feel free to do so. The result of this count will determine if any deworming is warranted. The samples can be brought in anytime during our office hours.

Starting in July, Dr. Harry Morrison cut back his hours to two days per week. In August, Dr. Brittany Scace got married and will be away for several months before returning to the practice. We wish her and her husband all of the best! In August, Dr. Allison Doherty returned to work part-time. She is enjoying seeing everyone again!

We recently acquired a blood machine which allows us to perform some equine blood testing at the clinic. We currently can run equine complete blood counts (CBC) and chemistry profiles. These tests provide us with information about red and white blood cell counts, protein levels, muscle enzyme activity, kidney and liver function, and more. We are excited because this will allow us to run tests on evenings and weekends! We will also be able to run bovine electrolyte panels in the near future, allowing us to report calcium and phosphorus results more quickly.

We are busy planning a fall equine client education seminar on the topic of equine nutrition. Vern Avery, Clinical Nutritionist for Brooks Feeds, will be speaking about nutrition basics and developing therapeutic diets for different types of horses. The seminar will be held on Wednesday November 27th at the Scugog Recreation Centre at 7pm.

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Drs. Rachel Busato and Allison Doherty frequently give seminars at Dreamfeather Horsemanship Centre, 2657 Brock Road in Uxbridge.

Please check back soon to find out when the next one will be!


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