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We are excited to welcome a new veterinarian to the practice! Dr. Brad McLaughlin is a recent graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College. Brad enjoys working with all large animal species but is particularly interested in food animal medicine, surgery and consulting. Brad lives with his family on their farm and spends much of his spare time caring for the variety of animals that live there.

Over the next few months we will be hosting final year veterinary students as part of their externship program. We truly appreciate your contribution to their education by offering them words of wisdom and for allowing them to observe us working with your animals and practice their clinical skills while at your farms. Welcome to Ashley, Song, Marissa, and Alyssa, we hope you have a great summer with us!

We are a bit behind sharing this, but a few months ago we got a new ultrasound machine for bovine reproduction. You'll notice Dr. Rachel Busato using it while she is on farm performing herd health visits.

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Upcoming Events

Drs. Rachel Busato and Allison Doherty frequently give seminars at Dreamfeather Horsemanship Centre, 2657 Brock Road in Uxbridge.

Please check back soon to find out when the next one will be!


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