Equine Services


Dr. Rachel Busato has completed the animal chiropractic course with the Council of Animal Chiropractors and is now offering this service!

Chiropractic or spinal manipulation therapy involves examining each joint in the body as a motion unit and evaluating how well it is functioning. When particular joints do not move as well as they should, a specific adjustment is made to return mobility to the motion unit. These adjustments are intended to help reduce pain, improve flexibility, and relax tense muscles.

All animals could benefit from an adjustment! Specific cases that would especially benefit include:
- Athletic horses
- Older/arthritic horses
- Animals that have just given birth
- Young animals that have had a difficult birth
- Post-surgical cases
- Horses on stall rest or recovering from an injury
- Horses that act up while being ridden, or who are "girthy" with sore backs