Equine Services

Pre-Purchase Exams

A pre-purchase examination performed by your veterinarian is used to identify any pre-existing conditions affecting the horse intended for purchase. They will also help outline anything that may be a risk factor for a future problem such as conformation flaws. It is important to recognize that these exams reflect the state of the horse's health on the date of examination and are not a guarantee of their long-term health and soundness.

A pre-purchase examination involves a comprehensive physical exam that includes but is not limited to looking at the horse's eyes, listening to its heart and lungs, checking its teeth, and a basic neurologic assessment. Following the physical exam, the veterinarian will perform a thorough soundness evaluation where the limbs are palpated, the hooves are tested for sensitivity with hoof testers, the gait is evaluated on a lunge line and flexion tests will be performed.

The veterinarians complete a thorough physical and soundness examination as a part of every pre-purchase exam. Additional services that can be requested include:
- Digital Radiography
- Complete Blood Count
- Biochemical profile
- Fecal egg count
- Coggins (EIA) testing
- Drug Screening
- Reproductive assessment
- Upper airway endoscopy
- Limb ultrasound