Equine Services

Preventative Medicine

The health of your horse is very important to us! We will work with you to develop a health care plan tailored to your horse's needs such as:

- Vaccinations
- Parasite control
- Routine dentistry

We can also give advice on nutrition, exercise & general care of your horse

Previously we offered separate Competitive and Recreational Equine Wellness Plans. We now offer a new and improved Equine Wellness Plan that incorporates the needs of the show horse and companion horse alike.

Our Equine Wellness Plan includes many features such as:
- Core vaccinations
- Complimentary physical and dental exams
- Dentistry with sedation using a Powerfloat
- Parasite control recommendations including two dewormers and two fecal egg counts per horse
- Add-ons such as bloodwork, Coggins test and additional vaccinations, which are available at discounted prices

Download our 2021 Equine Wellness Plans to learn more.